We are ӰPro, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company


Self declaration of conformity

With the motto of Fuji being "Technology" and "Quality", we have, since 1991, been certified ISO9001 for the purpose of guaranteeing quality to our customers. We had maintained this quality management system since inception; however at a management review in February 2016 we decided to not move towards the implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 and instead, integrate with ISO9001: 2015. However, once we began this process we felt that we had started to build a more effective management system based on ISO 9001: 2015 at Fuji Machinery. For that reason, we have been reviewing our quality management system year by year in the pursuit of safe and secure machine manufacturing that our customers are satisfied with, and as a direct result of this we have established our own quality standards. As a result of improving to a better management system, we came to establish our own quality standard. In addition to the purpose of guaranteeing quality to our customers, it is possible to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of each business process. Further to conforming to the conventional standard, we are able to build, maintain and operate an effective quality management system. We will continue to pursue customer satisfaction and to contribute to society through packaging and we look forward to your guidance in the future
Thank you very much.

Yuki Ikuta / President of
Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd.