July 28, 2015

2015 Garlic Update

Well, the garlic is all safely out of the ground and hanging from the rafters in the barn.  For that we are eternally grateful for the beautiful season and bountiful harvest!
 We had a late start out, as it seemed to not be quite ready.  Then the rains came and caused us to hustle and accept what we had and be glad for it.  Nonetheless, our Rocamboles will be no beauty queen winners, but are still going to be tasty and make it to October planting in fine form.  We lost several papers needed to keep the bulbs neat and tidy.
 We have no way to update the site with current inventory, as we are just starting to package August 1st, therefore we will start collecting your inquiries in the order that they come into our e-mail box and will serve them in that order to be fair. 
We want to remind you that we are a purveyor of small amounts (200 plants) of lots of great varieties.  We do not have more than 10 # of any one kind available to sell. There are not price breaks per #, as we sincerely want these to wind up in as many hands as possible and we find these varieties to be a premium product and not one to be discounted.  Please understand that the meticulous detail that we exert and the labor that we facilitate needs to be compensated.  Many of these great varieties  can only be found with us.

So, feel free to contact us now, but know that we ill have no concrete answers until after August 8th.
We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Thank you very much!

Rolling Prairie Acres Garlic

Garlic Planting Tips

Here are some intstructions and tips on planting garlic.

- Make sure the cloves are hard and solid. Plant the individual cloves usally in October. ( Or before the ground freezes depending on your climate.)

- Garlic likes sun and water.

- Raised beds of at least 4 inches will keep the bulbs from standing in water should there be excessive rainfall.

- The cloves should be planted with the flat part down, 3 inches deep in well drained soil, with high organic matter.

- Cloves should be spaced 5 inches apart in rows at least 10'' a part

- After the ground freezes mulch the garlic with at least 5'' of straw.

- One inch of water a week up to the month before havest. ( Or with hard necks until the scape is harvested.)

- Harvest the scape 10-14 days after it first appears and use it to cook with.

- Harvest the bulb when 35% of the leaves have died back.
- Hang and let dry for 3-4 weeks and you are done.
Note: garlic likes water up till the scape is removed, but after that the less rainfall the better. To much water right before harvest can rot the bulb wrapper.

Good News! We once again have a test back for Garlic Bloat Nematode that is Negative.

Dear Doug:


This is to let you know that we received the garlic sample that you send to our Bloat Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory and it was examined and processed for the possible extraction of the Garlic Bloat Nematode (GBN).  


The good news is that we failed to recover the GBN from the tissues processed from this garlic sample.  The bulbs included looked normal.


I hope the above is helpful and thanks for your submission to our laboratory. Best wishes,


George S. Abawi

Dept. of Plant Pathology and PMB

Cornell University, NYSAES

113 Barton Laboratory

630 W. North St.

Geneva, NY 14456

315-787-2374 (office)

January 25, 2014

Garlic roots after 3 weeks of planting