Vegetable Plants - COVID 19- Update

Tomato- Pepper- Eggplant Varieties offered for Sale- 2020

4/23/2020 We are still transplanting tomatoes, the list below is what we will have for sale this year. I plan to bring tomatoes plants to Fairfield on May 2nd. Not sure what the Farmers Market will look like. Stay tuned 

Tomato Variety - Color

Moonglow   Orange

Chef's Choice   Orange

Nebraska Wedding  Orange

Orange strawberry  Orange

Herman's Yellow   Yellow

Persimmon   Yellow

Taxi   Yellow

Basinga   Yellow

Yellow brandywine  Yellow

David Davidson  Yellow

Goldie   Yellow

Chef's Choice Yellow  Yellow

Golden Jubilee  Yellow

White Tomesol   White

Great White Beefsteak  White

Emerald Evergreen  Green

Aunt Rubys Green  Green

Cherokee Green  Green

Green Pineapple  Green

Green Zebra  Green

Gold Medal  Bi-Color

Old German  Bi-Color

Pineapple  Bi-Color

Mr. Stripey  Bi-Color

Chef's Choice Pink  Pink

Mortage Lifter  Pink

Rose  Pink

Omar's Lebanese  Pink

Arkansas Traveler  Pink

Giant Oxheart  Pink

Brandywine  Pink

Marianna's Peace  Pink

German Pink  Pink

New Big Dwarf  Pink

Missouri Pink Love Apple  Pink

Black Krim  Black/Purple

Carbon  Black/ Purple

Cherokee Purple  Black/Purple

Black  Black/Purple

Chef's Choice Black  Black/Purple

Black Brandywine  Black/Purple

Ukranian Purple  Black/Purple

Super San Marzano  Black/Purple

Amish Paste  Black/Purple

Blue Beech  Black/Purple

Salvaterra's Select  Paste

Polish Linguisa  Paste

Federle  Paste

Rosso Sicilian  Paste

Red Pear  Paste

Speckled Roman  Paste

Opalka  Paste

Trip L Crop  Red

Beefsteak  Red

Marglobe supreme  Red

St.Pierre  Red

Peron  Red

German Red Strawberry  Red

Mr Tartar German  Red

Earliana  Red

Manitoba  Red

Thessaloniki  Red

Abraham Lincoln  Red

Wisconsin 55  Red

Geranium Kiss  Red

Totem  Red

Red Brandywine  Red

Italian Heirloom Red

Italian Giant Bfstk Red

Rutgers  Red

Celebrity  Red

Sungold Select  Cherry

Hartman's Goose Cherry

Yellow Pear  Cherry

Wapsi Peach  Cherry

Isis Candy  Cherry

White Cherry  Cherry

Chocolate Cherry  Cherry

Black cherry  Cherry

Large Red Cherry

Principe BorgheseCherry

Tommy toeCherry

Tumbling Tom YellowCherry

Swt N Neat YellowCherry

Tumbling Tom RedCherry

Swt N Neat RedCherry

Super  Tomatillo

 Gigante Verde 'tillo  Tomatillo

Peppers Heat

Aura   Sweet

Glow  Sweet

Lipstick  Sweet

Quad Giallo  Sweet

Quad Rosso  Sweet

Yellow Monster  Sweet

Wisconsin Lakes  Sweet

Carmagnola Rosso  Sweet

King of the North  Sweet

Red Belgian  Sweet

Choc. Beauty  Sweet

Chervana Chushka  Sweet

Napolean Swt.  Sweet

California Wonder  Sweet

Golden Treasure  Sweet

Healthy  Sweet

Carmen  Sweet

Orange Bell  Sweet

Buran  Sweet

Big Bertha  Sweet

Bullnose  Sweet

Spanish Mammoth  Sweet

Jimmy Nardello  Medium

Gldn Calwonder  Medium

North Star  Medium

Golden Greek  Medium

Shishito  Medium

Swt. Banana  Medium

Mama Mia  Medium

Italian 'Cini  Medium

Sweet Sunset  Medium

Cubanelle  Medium

Biggie Chile  Medium

Italico  Medium

Tricked You  Medium

Black Hungarian  Hot

Tunisian Baklouti  Hot

College 64L  Hot

Sweet Heat  Hot

Ancho Gigantea  Hot

Santa Fe Grande  Hot

Habanada  Hot

Jalapeno  Hot

Maule's Red Hot  Hot

Minero  Hot

Estaceno Chile  Hot

Desperado  Hot

La Bomba  Hot

Habanero Mayan  Very Hot

Laotion  Very Hot

Serrano Tampiqueno  Very Hot

Bhut Jolokia  Very Hot

Choc Habanero  Very Hot

Golden Ghost  Very Hot

Trinidad Mix  Very Hot






Violetta Lunga

Ping Tung


Florida Market

4/8/2020  We have the green houses starting to fill up.  Peppers and Tomatoes will not be ready for sale until late April.  At this time we don't know what the farmers market will look like for start up time.  We will most likely be offering sales of plants at the farm by appointment only.  We will update this page with a list of what varieties we have for sale.  Please understand that our production will take priority and we will be busy trying to but the crop in,  If the markets open in early May we will be there. 

Check back for updates.


Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Kohlrabi transplant starter will be ready to go here by next weekend. 



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