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May 2nd Update: Farmers Market will be open @ Howard Park 8 am - 1pm. 


Market will look a like different, vendors will be spread out more then in the past.  I will be limiting the number of people in my stall, so you will be safe.  I will post the Iowa Dept. of Ag's guidelines for you to review.  

Here is what I am bringing on Saturday. 

Produce: some asparagus- wont be much

                  green garlic - use like green onion.

                   Garlic power, garlic salt, pepper-  dry spice mixes- all made from our crop last year

Plants :

  •     Tomatoes- heirlooms- will have 24 varieties to start with this week, more next week.

  •  Summer squash, cucumbers, pole beans, 

  • Peppers- sweet to hots

  • Collard greens


         Castor, Hyacinth, Scarlet Runner beans

Same as last week.

  • Broccoli- Hybrid and Open Pollinated

  • Cauliflower- Hybrid and Open Pollinated

  • Asian Green mix- mustards, pac choi, napa cabbage

  • Cabbage

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Tuscan Kale

  • Italian Basil

  • Chard Mix- Rainbow

  • Kale Mix

  • Fennel

  • Sage

  • Strawberries- June -Late

  • Lettuce

  • Cage Free, Chemical Free Fresh eggs

As always plants are chemical free and naturally grown​


Thanks, Doug 

And from the governor's office, an explanation of what are allowable "Food and Farm Products" for sale at farmers markets:
‘Farm products are those produced from plants or animals on a farm. This would include dairy and dairy products, poultry and poultry products, livestock, fruits, vegetables, flowers, seeds, grasses, trees, fish, honey, and other similar products, or any other plant, animal, or plant or animal product which supplies people with food, feed, fiber, or fur.

Once “food” is added to the mix, I believe most of the items on your list are likely covered under either farm products or food (including lotions, soaps, or sanitizers made with goat or soy milk or honey bee wax products, Iowa wines and beers, and vendor-produced pet food products, coffee beans or ground coffee). The only one that I don’t think fits within “farm products or food” is masks. But under the circumstances of the public health situation we are in, having them for sale seems to be a reasonable health precaution permitted for that reason.

Onsite consumption of beverages should be discouraged, consistent with our guidance for onsite food consumption. Similarly, so long as a vendor is selling permissible goods, online ordering may be encouraged for other items the vendor sells. On food trucks and ready-to-eat food, while we defer to your guidance, it seems problematic to allow ready-to-eat food while strongly discouraging onsite food consumption - even if no common seating is provided at the market.’

Below is the list that we sent to the Governor’s Office that led to the reply above.  I realize that the list below is not exhaustive, but hopefully the information provided above covers most food and farm product questions.  Please share with your market vendors and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Paul [Ovrom, IDALS]

  • Homemade lotions, soaps, sanitizers (made, for example, with a producer’s goat milk or soy milk, honey bee wax products)

  • Homemade bees wax  products including lip balms

  • Homemade “coronavirus” masks

  • Iowa wines & beers & other beverages

  • Drinks for offsite consumption

    • Juices, coffee, tea, bubble tea, lemonade, snow cones

  • Drinks for onsite consumption

    • Juices, coffee, tea, bubble tea, lemonade, snow cones

  • Locally grown flowers, cut flowers, hanging baskets

  • Locally grown vegetable seedlings

  • Vendor-produced Pet food products

  • Coffee beans and ground coffee

  • Baked goods

  • Can Food Trucks set up if no seating and encourage people to take food to cars/home for consumption?

  • Licensed vendors selling ready to eat food if no seating and encourage people to take the food to cars/home for consumption

  • Many calls and emails: “what is the definition of farm products”?

  • A market that does online orders is asking if items like homemade pottery and jewelry can be added to orders (these items would not be sold at the market, but added to online orders that are picked up at drive through areas)

Excerpted from an email sent by Paul Ovrom of IDALS to market managers
Paul's contact info:
Wallace State Office Building
502 E. 9th St. Des Moines, IA 50319
P: (515) 242-6239
F: (515) 281-8025

Other guidlines from the State:




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