Georgian Crystal-
Large bulbs with 5-6 easy to peel cloves. Excellent for raw eating as it has a mild flavor and a very high allicin content. One of our favorite varieties for that reason.

Large- 2.5#
Small- 2#

Georgian Fire-
Large white bulbs with 4-6 brown striped huge cloves. Very strong, hot, garlic flavor, excellent for salsa or other spicy dishes.   

Large- 1.5#
Small- 1.5#

One of the most common hardneck varieties, very easy to grow. Large heads with 5 easy to peel cloves, excellent eaten raw or cooked.
Small- 1#

Pink Music-
Very similar to music but with pink clove wrappers. Excellent eaten raw our cooked.

Large- 2.5#
Small- 3#

Wild Roots Music-
Experimental variety from Southern Seed Exchange. Produces large bulbs up to 3'' with 4-6 large cloves. Very high in allicin content, strong garlic flavor with a hot bite.

Large- 2.5#
Small- 1#

German Porcelain-
Reliable producer of very large bulbs with 5-6 cloves. Great for using raw.

Large- 2#
Small- 2#

Large bulbs with 4-5 large purple streaked cloves. Strong garlic flavor eaten raw with no aftertaste.

Small- 1#

Romanian Red-
Nice large bulbs with 4 or more large purple striped cloves. Very hot when eaten raw with a lingering bite.

Small- 1#

German Extra Hardy-
A very common and easy to grow hardneck variety. Very large heads with 4-5 large cloves. Mild taste eaten raw, also great cooked.

Small- 3.5#

Large bulbs with 4-6 cloves, one of the better tasting Porcelain variety. Semi-hot taste when raw with great garlic flavor.

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Large- 1#
Small- 2#

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