Marbled Purple Stripe

Medium white bulbs with7-9 purple tinted cloves, excellent rich garlic flavor. Early scaping variety.

Large- 1.5#
Small- 2.5#

Krasnodar Red-
Medium-large bulbs with 5-7 striped purple/tan cloves. Good flavor but with out a lot of heat. Originally from Russia

Large- 2#
Small- 3.5#

Bai Pi Suan-

Small- 2#

Wild Turkmesistan-

None for 2014


Large- 4#
Small- 3#

Consistent producer of large bulbs with 5-6 big purple cloves. Very strong when eaten raw, great mellow flavor when cooked.

None for 2014

Pskem River-
Large heads with 3-6 huge purple cloves. Collected by John Swenson in Uzbekistan.

Large- 2.5#
Small- 3#

One of our favorite varities, great producer of large bulbs with 5-7 purple skinned cloves. Excellent raw or cooked, short storage life.

Extra Large- 0.5#
Large- 1.5#
Small- 2.5#

Russian Giant-
Very large bulbs with 5-7 purple striped cloves. Mild garlic flavor, great for raw eating.

None for 2014