July 28, 2015

Garlic Planting Tips

Here are some intstructions and tips on planting garlic.

- Make sure the cloves are hard and solid. Plant the individual cloves usally in October. ( Or before the ground freezes depending on your climate.)

- Garlic likes sun and water.

- Raised beds of at least 4 inches will keep the bulbs from standing in water should there be excessive rainfall.

- The cloves should be planted with the flat part down, 3 inches deep in well drained soil, with high organic matter.

- Cloves should be spaced 5 inches apart in rows at least 10'' a part

- After the ground freezes mulch the garlic with at least 5'' of straw.

- One inch of water a week up to the month before havest. ( Or with hard necks until the scape is harvested.)

- Harvest the scape 10-14 days after it first appears and use it to cook with.

- Harvest the bulb when 35% of the leaves have died back.
- Hang and let dry for 3-4 weeks and you are done.
Note: garlic likes water up till the scape is removed, but after that the less rainfall the better. To much water right before harvest can rot the bulb wrapper.